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REHAU TOTAL70: Polymer-Based Windows & Doors in Essex and East London

Rehau Total70 - Polymer-Based Windows, Doors and Conservatories

Rehau is the premium worldwide brand supplying polymer-based windows, doors and conservatories to professional fabricators and installers. Our products are market leaders and are unrivalled in quality, technological innovation and exceptional design.

REHAU TOTAL70 window and door systems are designed to meet the requirements of any type of property. Our 70mm window and door system offers a range of styles crafted using PVCu, which guarantee maximum energy efficiency and performance for your investment.

These are two aesthetic options to choose from in our casement window range. REHAU TOTAL70c is our chamfered system, REHAU TOTAL70s our fully sculptured system.

The range of styles then moves on to REHAU TOTAL70r, which is a reversible window system and REHAU TOTAL70mf is our system for multi-fold doors.

Multi-Chamber Design | Energy Efficient

Smart technology achieves greater energy efficiency for your home. Our multi-chamber design significantly reduces heat loss and keeps out draughts.

Energy Efficient

For excellent thermal properties and to achieve greater energy savings, REHAU TOTAL70 window systems easily achieves an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency. The more efficient your home, the more you save. REHAU TOTAL70 windows and doors will comply with and exceed Part L Building Regulations. For windows this requirement is an overall U-Value of 1.6W/m2K and for doors 1.8 W/ m2K. REHAU TOTAL70 can achieve U-Values of 0.8 W/m2K using triple glazed Argon sealed units. This means that the system are suitable for Passivhaus standard – currently the most energy efficient specifications for a building throughout Europe.

Noise Reduction

Double & triple glazed sealed units considerably reduce outdoor noise levels, allowing you to relax in the peace and quiet of your home.

Safety and security

REHAU TOTAL70c & REHAU TOTAL70s window and door system can achieve the British Standard BS7950 and PAS 23/24 security standards.

Low maintenance

Our systems contain a unique compound with a smooth gloss finish – guaranteeing they retain their pristine appearance. It also means they will never warp, rot or need painting.

REHAU: Fantastic Range of Coloured Profiles

PVCu windows and doors don’t have to be white – choosing REHAU for your home opens up a world of colour and choice, which will complement your style of property perfectly.

If you like the look of traditional painted windows, but want the benefits of PVCu and double or triple glazing then you’ll love REHAU’s fantastic range of coloured profiles. We can offer you a choice of two different types of colour applications, laminate foil and Acyrl II coating, to suit any age or style of property.

With our laminate PVCu the colour and finish options are vast complementing both the exterior and interior of your home – you can choose one colour and finish for the outside and a totally different one for the inside. Over 20 laminate options include an attractive range of woodgrain effect finishes and strong contemporary and traditional colours, such as Chartwell Green, Irish Oak and Anthracite Grey.

All laminate finishes carry extensive guarantees and are well proven for high performance and longevity in all types of weather conditions and all areas, without colour deterioration or fade. The laminates are also durable and can be easily cleaned for long lasting visual appeal.

Our Acryl II coating system offers over 150 RAL colours with a beautifully smooth finish. The finish has an impeccable pedigree having originally been developed many years ago by the REHAU Automotive division to produce colour matched bumpers for prestige cars, such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar.

Whichever option you choose, you can be assured that your windows, doors or conservatory will beautifully exchange your home for years to come.

REHAU TOTAL70c is our original 70mm Chamfered window and door system but now with added multi-chambered profiles.

This enables maximum thermal efficiency for windows without the need for more expensive glass, making them more cost effective and giving you even more savings on your energy bills. This system is available in French and casement windows, tilt & turn windows, horizontal pivot windows and bay and bow windows. Also, a choice of door styles, such as residential, tilt/turn patio doors and French doors. Our chamfered system is simple yet elegant, helping to create beautiful contemporary frames for your home.

REHAU TOTAL70s has been created with fully Sculptured profiles, offering heightened style to both modern and traditional properties.

This system will appeal to anyone wanting a sympathetic replacement for timber windows with its decorative sculptured edge providing attractive, ornate detail, restoring character to older properties and introducing sought-after features to newer ones. The system is available in a range of window styles including French and casement windows, tilt & turn windows and bays and bow windows. Also, a choice of door styles from residential to tilt/slide patio doors and French doors.

REHAU’s TOTAL70r Reversible window system has been designed to ensure a high specification in both quality and performance.

Our new multi-chamber profiles ensure improved thermal performance, with an ‘A’ window energy rating being easily achievable. Traditionally, the reversible window system was developed to allow for easy cleaning for windows that were hard to reach on the outside and the window was more common in high rise buildings. However, the REHAU TOTAL70r Reversible window is designed with a flush fitting sash and frame for a very contemporary look in any home.

The REHAU TOTAL70mf Multi-Fold door boasts superior design and engineering, achieving outstanding versatility to open up your home.

Whether for domestic or commercial applications, the multi-facet panes of the REHAU TOTAL70mf Multi-Fold door fold back to allow the widest aperture, offering unrestricted access. With the REHAU TOTAL70mf Multi-Fold door, you can choose the number of panes to suit your needs, dependent on the size of the opening, with up to a maximum of 7 panes. The master door can be located on the right of left side, offering total flexibility.

System Technology

All products accommodate glazing from 4mm to 44mm in either double or triple glazing and offer an enhanced appearance, as well as superior fabrication and performance

Easy glazing

REHAU’s single-leg glazing beads and retention detail guarantees on-site glazing is easy and secure when fitted.

Integral gaskets

REHAU TOTAL70c & REHAU TOTAL70s profiles are supplied with gaskets already integrated into the profile.

Improved drainage path

Our improved drainage path allows water to drain more efficiently.

Ancillary profiles

A large range of ancillary profiles, including sills, angled head drips, square bay poles, couplers and frame extensions, are compatible across the entire REHAU TOTAL70 range.

Surface finish

REHAU is renowned for its quality, demonstrated with the gloss surface finish, that provides a long-lasting appearance with little or no maintenance.

Multi-chamber profiles

The REHAU TOTAL70 range includes profiles with 3, 5 and 6 chambers for improved thermal efficiency without compromising or structural capability.

Hardware fixed into steel

If required, the hardware used on REHAU TOTAL70 profiles can be fixed into the steel reinforcement on both sash and frame. This allows for improved technical performance and superior security levels.

Positive friction-stay location

To reduce the strain on screws and hinges, positive friction-stay location is added for improved performance. Larger reinforcement chamber

To allow additional strength/rigidity when necessary, a larger reinforcement chamber enables a range of galvanised steels to be inserted for optimum performance.

Low Threshold

REHAU TOTAL70 doors also offer low thresholds specifically for wheelchair access, complying with Building Regulations.