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Traditional, Classic, Contemporary & Modern Aluminium Doors & Windows

With a striking range of aluminium doors and windows, from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern, EasiGlaze can fit aluminium windows and doors that will perfectly compliment your home's style.

The major benefit of aluminium doors and windows is the durability of the frames. Each window is finished with a high performance, non-fading and durable coating. Not only are the frames exceedingly resilient, but they are incredibly simple to maintain. They simply need to be occasionally wiped down in order to look as good as new.

When you have decided upon your frame, there is a selection of over 400 colours that can be applied to your windows or doors. You have the option of having alternate colours coated onto the exterior and interior of the frame, which allows you to match the frames to the decor of the inside and outside of your home. To complete the look for your windows or doors, there is an exciting array of Georgian, leaded, patterned or stained glass to choose from, which can add the finishing touches to your home.

High Quality, Low Cost Aluminium Windows Design, Installation

Aluminium windows can be made to any size to match your property- no matter how small you will get luxurious light enhance your space. Replacements can be made so you have durable aluminium or a whole new set up can be created to your specific designs.

Listed properties will, 9 times out of 10, be approved to have aluminium frames as they are non-intrusive and still keep the character of the property.

There is an amazing choice of colour palettes for the inside and outside of your windows- over 400 shades to choose from! Different colours can be used for the inside and outside of your windows which will give an individual finish and a lovely ambience within the property.

The frames and windows are extremely low maintenance and just need a wipe down occasionally. They are so quick to clean because of the reliable materials used in the making and the great finishes applied before they leave the factory.

Lastly, if the aluminium windows aren't personalised enough you can also finish your windows using Georgian, leaded or stained glass applications. Highlight a particular area of your property and make it unique to you!