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The Universal Collection

First impressions count. Your front door is the first feature people notice about your home; that is why it is so important. Your door makes a statement; it reflects your home’s personality, your lifestyle and your aspirations. This is why we introduced a high-quality, flush-fitting composite door that meets the exacting demands of today’s discerning homeowner. Designed with you in mind, our Universal Collection is one of the most comprehensive ranges of composite doors on the market.

Benefits of a Flush Composite Door

Durable and attractive, composite doors are made to last. They are the future for entrance doors. All Universal Collection composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards at our dedicated production facilities using top quality materials. Our composite doors are produced using robust through-colour GRP door skins. Completely weatherproof, they have excellent resistance to knocks, scratches and whatever the weather throws at them.

Unlike other doors, they don’t twist, warp or split. All door designs meet the latest energy efficiency regulations, achieving a U-value of 1.4W/m²K or below. Their thermally-efficient foam cores help to reduce energy bills and keep out noise. Composite doors are low maintenance with no need to paint or varnish; an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth will keep your smart new front door looking as good as new. High security comes as standard, meeting all the requirements demanded from a 21st century entrance door to keep you and your home safe.

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are uppermost in everyone’s mind. 67% of burglars break in through the door, according to Home Office official crime statistics. That’s why our Universal Collection composite doors use only the best quality multi-point locking systems to keep your home and family fully protected.Our doors are installed within a reinforced door frame and secured with a multi-point lock with two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt. Premium adjustable hinges and keeps meet the latest standards and legislation.

Feel reassured with a Universal Collection composite door, which is manufactured in accordance with Secured by Design, a Police-backed accreditation. Secured by Design is the official UK police approval for security products that ensures they are designed, manufactured and tested within strict rigid guidelines. Universal Collection SBD-licensed doors are available as either solid or a limited glazed version, all glass must be laminated to achieve SBD status. When a door is fitted with an external bar handle, the standard escutcheon (as shown below) is supplied.

  • image2

Universal Collection Door Features

  • Standard Handle Lock with option img1
  • Gu Auto Enagage Lock (Slam Shut)img2
  • Wide Range of Designsimg3
  • Comprehensive Class Optionsimg4
  • Stable Door Optionimg5
  • Anti pick and Anti bump locks as standard img5
  • 44mm Slab blue-check1
  • Multi-point locking blue-check2
  • Keyless Entry Option blue-check3
  • Secured by Design Options blue-check4
  • Glass Design Available blue-check5
Glass Designs
  • Comprehensive Range blue-check6
  • Triple Glazing Options blue-check7
  • Resin Bevel Glass blue-check8
  • Fusion Tile Glass blue-check9
  • Leaded Design Range blue-check10