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Wooden Sash Windows Essex

Sash Window Removal & Replacement

Easiglaze are a family run business that strive to give amazing box sash window services to the residents of Essex. Easiglaze are well known for their quality and stylish sash windows and window installation services. The best materials and components are chosen for your personal sash windows, ensuring the best quality and look for your Essex home.

Sash windows look great on Georgian style houses, Victorian houses and other similar buildings. Moveable panels let you lift the window and let in the breeze during the Summer months. The oldest known evidence of Sash window designs show around the 1670s, Sash windows truly are a well-loved design. Softwood is used generally for Sash windows however and units are usually single glazed however double glazing services are available.

Sash Windows come with a number of designs, material types and sizes - this enables us to work to client specification. Wooden sash windows can be made from a variety of wood including timber.

Not only can Easiglaze supply and install your box sash windows but, we also offer these related services:

Box Wooden Sash Windows Essex

  • Georgian windows
  • Sliding sash windows
  • UPVC Victorian sash windows
  • Stylish sash windows
  • UPVC box sash windows
  • Draught proofing and overhaul designs
  • Bi-glass glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Secondary glazing

Bespoke box Sash Windows give an unbeatable vintage and period design to any Essex or East London home. The charm and character that already exists in your home is most important. Easiglaze take this into consideration under any window installment process. If your existing Sash Windows are single glazed, call us today for no obligation quotations on receiving our double glazing services. Double glazing can help with energy efficiency, security and heat retention.

Box sash windows Essex
G. Evens - Romford

I am just quickly writing to say how grateful I am to the company and their excellent fitters, the work that was recently completed at my house was completed to an excellent standard.

Maintain Your Characters Look, Charm & Security

Box Sash uPVC Windows - Traditional/Sliding/Victorian in Billericay (Essex) & East London

The New Standard
in uPVC Box Sash Windows
in Billericay (Essex) & East London

  • A Rated - FREE as standard
  • Toughened Glass - FREE as standard
  • Decorative Sash Horns - FREE as standard
  • Travel Restrictors - FREE as standard
  • Full Range of Colours & Renolit Foils
  • Fully Featured Scultured Profiles
  • Georgian & Astragal Bar Options

Why Choose/Buy Sash Windows in Essex

  • Keep the character of your home.
  • Can be double glazed.
  • Suited to your design taste.
  • Quality wood and glass.
  • Draught sealing services available.
  • Replacement Sash windows.

Extensive Range of Sash uPVC Windows Styles & Hardware Options

EasiSlide uPVC sash windows are available in a variety of styles and hardware options. An extensive range of Georgian and Astragal bars will satisfy most custom requirements. Sash horns help replicate the original timber sashes and are fitted free as standard, if required.

Transom drops can be specified to any custom measurement e.g 60/40, 70/30 in addition to the natural 50/50 split. EasiSlide windows can also be specified coupled together, in splay bays and 90 degree bay, with factory fitted bay poles and capping.

Sash Colour & Foil Options

EasiSlide uPVC sash windows are available in a variety of colour options. We have 2 solid profile colour options, white and cream, 4 Renolit foil inside and outside options and 6 Renolit foil outside and white inside options.

Wooden Sash Windows Essex