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What Double Glazed Windows Styles Can I Choose From?

The windows at every household provide benefits of certain kinds. And so, choosing them carefully become our foremost priority when opting for window designing or building a new house. There are gallons of window design options that we can choose from but the double glazed windows are something that is preferred by people more these days and it fits houses of all categories.

The paramount safety precautions from unwanted natural and unnatural calamities, the protection from adverse weather conditions and the long-term durability of these window designs make it the best choice for the homeowners. Even in the double glazing windows category, there are different choices available for people with diverse tastes regarding their window designing.

Let us have a look at the options available in double glazed windows that we can choose from

  • Casement windows

    – it is a type of basic window which has a hinge on one of the sides and it is attached to a frame. When you try to open the window, you just simply have to swing it and it will open. Hinges on one side might be the traditional form of casement windows but one can also include hinges on either the top or the bottom of the window frame. These type of glazing windows are affordable and are counted as one of the oldest forms of designs in the forte of double glazing windows.

  • French casement

    – just like the name suggests, this one has similarities with that of the casement windows and only differs in a point that they carry hinges on both the sides. It means that you can choose to open the window from both sides or from one side deepening upon our requirements. This is the main advantage of French casement windows that they open from both the sides and provides enough ventilation to the house or escapes in times of urgency.

  • Bay and bow

    – these window designs are one of the largest designs available in double glazed windows styles. And for this reason, they often become the cynosure of the room where they are used. They are made of generally multiple facets which surrounds a central panel. The panels can range from 3 to 7 in numbers depending upon the window requirements. As the panels are placed in a way that they are at fixed angles, the curved position of the windows comes out as the result. This feature of the bay and bow windows paves way for natural illumination and shows of it when the windows are placed beside a garden area.

  • Sliding slash

    – mostly used in heritage properties, these sliding slash windows have a unique mechanism of opening that is different from the other window types; they roll up vertically to open up and not horizontally! But it is not that they don’t have this feature, you can find tilting sliding slash windows too when you opt for the modern types today. Even if your house is not a heritage property, this type of window can add the old-world charm well to your house with its external appearance.

  • Tilt and turn

    – as is evident by the name, the tilt and turn windows can be opened in two ways. When you tilt and turn them to open both horizontally and vertically and also control the extent and direction of the opening. These are ideal for houses in the upper floors and also shells out strong protective features to the homeowners.

  • Roof windows

    – these are obviously installed on the roof of the house with solid or tiled roofs. These are meant to let more natural light in the house which also helps in illuminating the house and keep it heated during cold winters. Moreover, they also increase the interior appearance of the room to a greater extent.

And, to conclude

We all want our house to look extraordinarily attractive as far as the outlook is concerned. But at the same time, we also have to look out for the extra cost that these design and décor comes up with! For people who can bear ample of monetary expenses in building their house, these small spendings do not matter much but for the ones who have a limited budget for the same, must take every step carefully to meet their budget.

Regardless of what your home remodelling budget is when you choose double glazed windows, they are not going to give you any monetary shock as because they are quite cost-effective as compared to the other window designs. The double glazing windows cost starts from around £300 but can extend depending upon the quality and materials you choose for the purpose. So, the time of worries has gone when you have the option of cost-effective and attractive designs at the same time to increase the beauty of your house!

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