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8 Reasons Why You Should Install Composite Doors


Composite front doors have soared in popularity over the last few years in the UK. Unlike conventional doors that are made up of one material entirely, composite doors are created from different materials with each material selected for the special properties it offers. Doors made from singular material exhibit the strength and weakness of the material that’s been used. This is unlike composite doors which are known to provide excellent strength, redoubtable security, top-class thermal efficiency, and low maintenance.

In keeping with that, here we look at eight reasons why you should consider installing composite doors the next time you go door and window shopping for your home.

1) They sit well with any home style

Don’t we all love the look of classic timber? At the same, we also know how hard and expensive it is to maintain doors made out of timber. But composite doors solve this conundrum as because of their wood-grain exterior, they get you the timeless timber look and the high performance of modern artificial materials. Composite doors do not disappoint when it comes to design choices either. They are available in an extensive range of designs and patterns, which ensures they do not look out of place in any home.

2) They are durable and strong

There was a time when the belief was that composites are weak and cannot be relied upon to provide years of service. However, modern manufacturing techniques have dispelled such notions. For instance, composite doors are built with a core made of insulating foam and a sturdy outer frame. Such a multi-layered build reinforces composite doors with a lot of strength and durability. This makes them perfect for use in any home, its immediate environment no bar.

3) They require almost zero maintenance

Among the top advantages of composite doors is that they require negligible maintenance. This is unlike traditional singular material doors where maintenance tends to be time-consuming as well as costly. The GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin of composite doors, on the other hand, does not fade, crack or warp. You also needn’t fret about repainting these doors. The only maintenance composite doors need is a periodic wipe-down using a soft cloth dunked in soapy water.

4) They offer brilliant thermal efficiency

The winter can be bitingly cold in certain parts of the UK, which also explains why wooden doors have endured for all these years. As such, a door needs to be good at trapping heat. Composite doors, especially double rebated ones, are brilliant at this. In addition to not letting heat escape, doors should also keep the cold outside from entering the home. Composite doors do this and make your home not just habitable but eminently comfortable. And of course, there is also the small matter of lower energy bills courtesy the increased thermal efficiency of your home because of composite doors. Now that’s truly the icing on the cake!

5) They keep out noise

Composite doors are amazing as far as keeping out unwanted noise is concerned. Their noise blocking ability is second to none and can provide much needed respite if you live in a crowded or busy area. In fact, by going for double or even triple glazing, you can increase the noise blocking ability of your composite doors exponentially.

6) They can be personalised

Unless you have a garden area, the first impression of your home lies with your front door. And if you intend to make a lasting impression, there is no better way to do so than with composite doors. You can choose to grab attention by choosing an eye-catching and disruptive solid colour or go for something that has intricate patterns and designs. Either way, visitors and passer-by’s are guaranteed to take a second look at your home, or rather, your front door.

7) They protect you against the elements

Composite doors are equipped with amazing weather-tight seals. This ensures that irrespective of how horrible the weather outside is, you and your family stay protected in your home.

8) They increase the home’s safety

Among the composite door benefits that influence most homeowners, safety is an absolute non-negotiable these days. Which is why composite doors, when fortified with an anti-pick, anti-snap and anti-drill cylinder, are such a superb option to deter any sort of intrusion into your home. Further beefing up security are the strong frame and effective locks that composite doors are equipped with. If safety is paramount for you, composite doors and windows stand in a league of their own.

Composite doors are the way of the future. One of the oft-repeated complaints with composites was that they lacked the look and feel of their natural material counterparts. This has been addressed in large part by composite manufacturing techniques. Moreover, when seen from a value for money perspective, there is simply no way one can look past composite doors.

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