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Know More About Double Glazed Windows

all about double glazed windows

Are you tired of the noise in your neighbourhood that just doesn’t seem to end? Are you fed up with not feeling comfortable and warm in the winters even though you are paying through your nose for heating? If you answered in the affirmative to either one of those questions, double glazed windows are just what you need. These windows offer several benefits and are worth every penny you pay for them. Also known as uPVC windows, double glazed windows keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the conditions are like on the outside. This brief guide helps you to understand what are double glazed windows and how do they do what they do.

What are they?

Double glazing doors and windows consist of two panes of glass instead of one. These glasses are mounted on the window frame at a distance of 12-16 mm from each other. This gap is maintained using a spacer bar and although it usually comprises of normal air, it can also contain argon gas. The method of trapping air between the gaps is also referred to as insulated glazing as it dramatically reduces heat and noise transmission. This reduction is directly proportional to the number of glass layers a window has. The more layers there are, the better the insulation.

This compares favourably to single-pane windows where a vast majority of heat and noise is transmitted, which causes the home’s heating system to work extra hard. When seen in the light of rising energy costs, double glazed windows come across as even more appealing.

How do they work?

A double glass window unit consists of five principal components. These include the two glass panes, the primary seal, the secondary seal, the cavity, and the spacer bar. Furthermore, a desiccant (a hydrophobic substance that absorbs moisture) is placed between the two glass panes to prevent fogging. The panes themselves can be tinted, transparent, or coated with a reflective layer.

The insulating ability of double glazing windows is down to several factors. While having two panes of glass surely helps, it’s the air trapped between those two panes that are really responsible for the insulation power. How does the trapped air produce this insulation?

Well, heat is produced when molecules move rapidly and collide with each other. This heat then spreads out, which is known as conduction. Because of this, the air in the double glazed window unit becomes an insulator and keeps back most of the heat from escaping.

The point of coating (either with tinted or reflective material) the glass panes is to reduce the amount of light that comes in and ensure the room doesn’t get heated up by the sun.

What are their advantages?

Double glazed window benefits are numerous and wide-ranging in their reach. Here we look at some of their most important advantages.

1) Reduced energy bills

There are multiple studies that prove how the majority of a home’s heat is frittered away because of single glazed windows. Depending upon the study you refer, this figure ranges from a somewhat acceptable 30% to a downright outrageous 70%. Seeing how expensive energy is becoming, that’s a lot of pounds right there. Double glazed windows are excellent when it comes to minimising this loss of heat. In other words, they help lower your energy costs.

2) Increased safety

Since there are two glass panes instead of one, double glazed windows are considerably stronger than their single glazed counterparts. So by installing double glazed windows, you can make your home more secure and safer. Moreover, breaking two layers of toughened glass is not easy, especially without causing some sort of alarm.

3) Increased furnishing life

Too much sunlight, and the heat resulting from it can be damaging to your furniture and reduces its lifespan considerably (by the order of a few years in some cases). Double glazed windows minimise the amount of sunlight and heat entering your home. This prolongs the life of not only your furniture but also other furnishings like carpets, paintings, and upholstery.

4) Greater peace

Double glazed windows can cut down the amount of noise that enters your home by almost 60%. That is huge, especially if you live in a busy area or in the vicinity of an airport or highway. The end result of this reduction is greater peace at home.

5) Increased home value

More and more homebuyers are coming around to recognize the benefits of double glazed glass equipped doors and windows and willing to pay a premium for it. If you are a homeowner looking to make a sale, you can consider installing double glazed windows to get a better price for your home.

6) Reduced carbon footprint

Perhaps the most understated benefit of double glazed windows, a reduced carbon footprint refers to the reduction in your energy consumption brought about by double glazed doors and windows. Lower the energy you consume, lower are the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of the cooling and heating services used by your home.

Although pricier than single-pane windows, double glazed windows pay off in the long term. If you are looking to replace your broken glass window or opting for a full home renovation, do give double glazed doors and windows a serious thought.

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