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What Are the Differences between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing

What Are the Differences between Double Glazing and Triple GlazingWhat Are the Differences between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing

What is the difference between double glazing and triple glazing is one of the questions that many people are more likely to ask when building or improving a home. Until recently, double glazing was the most ideal choice for many homeowners when it came to window panes. This is based on the many benefits that double glazing offers. The secret behind double glazing is that it offers a high level of insulation, and is a modern way to keep your house warm.

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Triple glazing, on the other hand, has proven to be a more exciting option for many home builders as well. Triple glazed windows are 3 times better energy savers compared to single glazed windows. What’s more, it is a modern window glazing option that comes with extra benefits such as getting rid of cold spots in your home and enhancing energy efficiency.

It is also imperative to note that what defines triple glazing is the extra pane that the window comes with. It offers extra benefits in a building by offering extra room for insulation compared to double glazing. This is one of the reasons as to why triple glazing is relatively expensive. This article takes a look at the major differences between double and triple glazing to help you to choose the most ideal option for your home.

Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing – a Close Comparison

Double glazing or triple glazing which is better? For the purposes of choosing an ideal unit for your home, it is wise that you understand the unique attributes of the two glazing options.

Enhanced Comfort

Triple glazed windows are improved compared to double glazed windows. Therefore, they create a warm environment in your home. They play a significant role in maintaining consistent temperature levels in the house, therefore, making them typically better compared to double glazed panels.

In addition, triple glazed panes allow for high humidity levels and low levels of condensation. This is why you need to keep in mind the prevailing weather conditions in your area when choosing between the two.

Weight and Performance

Triple glazed windows are heavy. Therefore, if you need some peace in your home, especially in a noisy neighbourhood, triple glazed windows will create the desired ambience. They guarantee better acoustic performance and little or no noise will get through to your space.

Double glazed windows are light in weight and they do not provide the best protection against noise within the home.

Heat Protection and Light

Heat loss is significantly minimized if you are using triple glazed windows. This is because the extra pane is insulated and has an amazing U value compared to double glazed units.

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What’s more, a low emissive glass is used on triple glazed windows, and they come with an incredible coating to keep you safe from the summer heat. This is a major difference between double and triple glazing windows that you should keep in mind when choosing the most ideal pane for your property.


Triple glazed windows also provide high levels of protection. This is attributed to the two coating levels for low emissions, low iron glass on the outer pane, a warm edge technology spacer on the panes, high-quality internal glazing bead, and the best-sealed units that block not only noise, but also cold air from entering your home.

These details also help in keeping intruders away from your home. The extra pane that creates the difference between the two window panes makes it hard for thieves to break in through a triple glazed window. This means that it creates a safer place in your property. What’s more, it offers extensive safety guarantees whenever you are away from home.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

As mentioned above, triple glazed windows come with three panes. This is one of the benefits it has over double glazed windows. A point to note is that energy efficiency in a window is measured by its U Value. A window with a low U Value is more thermal efficient compared to a window with high U Value.

A tripled glazed window is significantly improved and has a low U Value. This is why it is considered a worthy investment in the long run. What’s more, it comes extra benefits including;

  • Significant heat loss reduction in your home, therefore, it cuts your energy bills.
  • It is more efficient as it retains more heat, therefore, making your home warmer.
  • It is hard to break in, therefore, keeps your property safe.
  • Less prone to build up of condensation between window panes.
  • The extra pane also offers protection from noise compared to a double glazed window.
  • Window cavity is filled with inert gas as an extra performance improvement.
  • The windows have a longer life span since they are extremely durable. This means you do not have to replace the windows after four years.
  • They are high-quality windows that can be used in your home or office.
  • They protect you and your property from prolonged UV exposure. With the use of triple glazed units in your home, 90 percent of UV is prevented from entering your property.
  • The windows also provide enhanced home security. The extra glass pane comes with a multi-locking security system, toughened glass and are harder to break in. These features give you the confidence that your home will be safe.

While comparing double glazing vs. triple glazing windows, it is imperative to note that double glazing also comes with its benefits. The windows are lightweight, therefore, it is quite easy to integrate them with many other units in your home or office. The windows are also;

  1. Energy efficient.
  2. Allows for easy and flexible implementation, consequently, cutting down on your installation costs.
  3. You can also adapt to any style when using double glazed windows.
  4. There are many modern double glazed units that make them ideal for use in a relatively noisy neighbourhood.
  5. The best double glazed units in the market also provide enhanced security.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Triple Glazing versus Double Glazing; Which One is the Best

When trying to get rid of the cold spot in your home, or you live in a noisy hood and you need to create that peaceful environment, triple glazing is the way to go. It is undoubtedly the best option to go for bearing in mind the improvements that the windows come with.

While the windows are considerably pricier than double glazed units, you will enjoy the fact that they are more energy efficient. With triple glazed units, you can cut down on your energy costs up to 50 percent.

Many contractors also agree to that apart from energy efficiency the comfort level makes up the difference between double and triple glazing windows. Once installed, you will realize that the home is less prone to condensation, has better sound insulation, warmer and is more comfortable.

Double vs. Triple Glazing in a Nutshell

Triple glazing is almost similar to double glazing. However, the former comes an extra-large pane that is tailor-made to provide more insulation value than in double glazing. This is one of the reasons as to why triple glazing is relatively expensive. The small improvement makes a major difference in any home. For this reason, as a home and property owner, you may find that triple glazing is an option to go for, especially if you reside in colder areas.

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However, when comparing triple glazing vs. double glazing, you need to keep in mind a number of factors to help you settle for the best window panes. Consider;


Triple glazed windows are made of more glass and as a result, they let in a little amount of light compared to double glazed. This means your home may be dim during cold or rainy seasons.

Cost of Installation

Triple glazing windows are expensive compared to double glazed units. The installation charges are also relatively higher owing to their structural nature. Therefore, take time to compare between the two windows to settle for an option that is affordable to you.


Triple glazed units are heavier, reduce heat loss, and have better capabilities to block any noise from the outside. Therefore, when deciding between double or triple glazing, it is imperative that you keep in mind the area you live in. Is your neighbourhood quite or noisy? Remember, triple glazed windows are an excellent option in colder and noisy areas because they are slightly thicker. They are heavier and offer better insulation against noise, light and other harsh weather elements.

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

You also need to determine whether triple glazing is worth it in your home. Learn more about double glazing vs. triple glazing, the pros, and cons of each window pane. This will help you to decide what is good for you. While triple glazing makes a financial impact or sense, there are more energy efficient double glazed units that allow you to maximize the energy of your home.


Triple glazing units are not only environmentally friendly but also money friendly. Even so, you need the best contractor for quality installation.

Whether you settle for triple glazed or doubled windows, choose windows of the highest quality. Easiglaze is a trusted company that offers you high-quality glazed windows that will add instant value to your home.

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