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Aluminium Windows and Doors Maintenance Tips | Infographic

Aluminium windows and doors are an investment with very low maintenance, but aluminium advantages and disadvantages cannot be overlooked. Triple glazed aluminium windows are best insulation solutions to opt for. Aluminium maintenance is easy but needs to be taken care of regularly.

It is suggested not to wash aluminium windows with regular soap solutions since these can kick start corrosion. Special type of cleaner is available in the market, these are recommended for cleaning purpose.

Maintaining your aluminium windows is necessary to prevent the dirty frames, stiff springs and sticking. Aluminium windows must be cleaned least once a month. With the help of stiff brush, clean the surrounding areas of your aluminium windows. Follow this with a vacuum cleaner to clear all the dirt and dust that is unreached by the brush.

You can always opt for using a delicate detergent to scrub, can just prove to be a perfect idea when on a mission to clean the aluminium windows and doors. Scrubbing helps the windows and door shine and get rid of dirt completely.

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Using good quality glass cleaner, spraying which and wiping out in circular motions can help you get that perfectly cleaned and sleek look. You can also use silicone-based lubricants to avoid problems like corrosion or rusting of aluminium. Once the windows are cleaned apply some car wax to help maximise the protection from dust and dirt and to add in a potential shine.

We hope to be able to guide you through necessary tips for maintenance of the aluminium windows and doors. Overall, aluminium doors and windows are an excellent choice and enhance your home in both form and function. If you are facing any difficulty in aluminium doors and windows working, get in touch with US today. Easiglaze is a leading supplier and installer of aluminium doors and windows in Essex and East London. If you happen to look for double glazing Essex, you are at the right place.

aluminium doors and windows maintenance tips

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