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20 Best Window Shape Alternatives

20 window shape alternatives

Energy efficiency, sense of style, and durability are some of the aspects that you must have considered when choosing windows. However, there is a chance that you overlooked the idea of finding unusual shapes to enhance your space’s look. Instead of relying on the standard options in the market, you must make different choices by assessing the available shape alternatives. This article offers you the necessary insight.

The Best Windows Shapes Alternatives

Almost everything in your property can be analysed based on the shapes. It helps tell a story of your personality and sense of style. Indeed, you can make any design to standout by finding for unique window options and finding contractors to install them for you. You may want to try out the following in this process:

1. Circular shapes.

In the geometry world, a circle represents wholeness and harmony. Accordingly, going for circular window shapes is indicative that you have created a harmonious and whole home or office space.

2. Half circle.

If a full circle does not work for you, go for half circles. You will still get the completeness you need from this style while at the same time getting some form of uniqueness. They can be installed in different places in a home or office.

3. Bull’s eye and round window.

Many home builders and designers loved this shape during the Baroque period. You can take the style to the next level by ensuring that some of its elements are modern and sophisticated.

4. Arched windows.

First used by the ancient Romans, these types of windows have always added some mysterious and yet inviting look in any space. They can become focal points if you explore different designs available. You can go for fixed styles, which are commonly used in churches. They usher in a lot of light and require little maintenance.

Another option is the open style, which allows free flow of air. They are used in homes for this reason. The third option is the multi-window arch. The design incorporates an alignment of several window panes to create an arched configuration.

5. Bay windows.

These window shapes are perfect if you are looking for more natural light and extra space in your home. They protrude to the exterior wall to create a shelf inside the house. They rely on flat windows that are positioned in an angled frame.

6. Bow windows.

These window shapes tend to look like bay windows. However, there is a difference in that bow windows are wrapped around a corner, creating an incredible turret shape on the exterior and interior space. They allow more light than bay windows because more glass panes are used. Bay windows have angular lines and flat planes while bow shapes have a semi-circular outer structure.

7. Rectangular garden windows.

You can still go for the regular windows yet create a perfect look. The garden windows are an ideal example of how this can be achieved. They can be considered as mini-bay windows, and are ideal when you want them to act as greenhouses protruding from your house.

8. Rectangular single-hung window.

This regular type of window operates on a manipulation of the bottom sashes. It does not open outwards and, therefore, perfect for narrow spaces.

9. Rectangular double-hung window.

This shape is typical because it is functional and practical. Both the upper and lower stashes can be manipulated, and as such, it is easy to maintain.

10. Half eyebrow.

This window shape is categorised in the same group as arch-shaped windows. It is ideal for spaces where you do not need much lighting or in small areas. You can opt to use them in the bathroom or near the cellar. Also, your home will have a unique feature if you use more than one of these window shapes.

11. Hexagon.

These shapes are perfect when you want to indicate that you are comfortable enough to try odd things in your architectural design. It shows that you know the correct use of the shape.

12. Cathedral with extended legs. If you wish to take things to the next level in your new home or during renovations, this style will work perfectly. Also known as gothic with extended legs, the shape points to a sense of direction and power. Further, you are reminded of the Renaissance period. You can opt to use the shape to add a touch of vintage look in a property.

13. Oval.

Just like circles, oval window shapes signify a sense of harmony. However, the shape is not well defined in the case of a circle, which helps you to create a sense of mystery in your space.

14. Pentagon.

This shape is five-sided, with straight and closed sides. It is associated with a solid form of reason and hence, other shapes fit together completely. Going for this window shows that you are trying to create a sense of balance and completeness in your home. It is also indicative that you love versatility.

15. Equilateral triangle.

This shape is utilised in many symbols for a reason. It allows you to express your ability to show that you have a sense of direction and strength. The weight placed in them always seems to be distributed evenly. It has three sides, which is associated with inspiration, optimism, and expression. Use this window shape in any place within your property, and you will have created a fantastic focal point.

16. Trapezoid.

You can utilise this shape when you want to have more lighting in a room yet unwilling to go for the regular shapes. They usher in the sense of modernity and have an appealing look from the outside.

17. Quarter arch with extended legs.

This shape combines the features of a circle and a square. You will, therefore, get wholeness and completeness that comes with a circle while at the same time getting the stability that comes with a square. It is indicative that viewers can trust you because the shapes are familiar. Yet, you are able to add some twist in your design, depicting that you are creative. They can be used in lounge, bedrooms, and dining rooms among other areas.

18. Bell top-shape.

A bell is often associated with pure wisdom in some cultures. It shows that a person is able to get some form of clarity in life. The ringing of a bell indicates that people are willing to congregate to discuss an important matter. Using this window shape will, therefore, create an inviting look in your home. It makes a statement that you have made wise choices in your design. It can be used in a variety of spaces including the dining room and balconies.

19. Palladian.

This option allows you to combine different shapes in one window. It has a sizeable arch-top centre with rectangular sides. The three-part window was named after a renaissance architect known as Andrea Palladio. You have a chance to showcase the pomp and grandeur of nature by featuring this shape in your lounge or balcony. It is perfect for both modern and traditional home designs.

20. Octagon.

The eight shaped window shape is often associated with regeneration. It can also signify a sense of transition. You can create this feeling in any place within your home by placing the window strategically and thoughtfully.

Making the Right Choices

It is clear at this point that there are many alternative window shapes that you can choose from to create a desirable look in your home or office. It is, however, vital that you consider the following aspects for perfect results:

Your general theme and design. Some window shapes will not be suitable for specific home designs. Work with the experts to determine what works for your space.

Energy efficiency needs. It is critical that you opt for window shapes that usher insufficient amount of natural light to save on energy costs.

Possible window treatments. It can be challenging to find the right sheers and curtains for geometric window shapes. You may want to evaluate the options before settling for specific shapes.

Availability of the service providers. Many building contractors tend to shy away from handling projects that involve alternative windows shapes because of a lack of skills. Find service providers who are willing to explore different options and guide you accordingly. Indeed, they must have the experience and skills to handle such projects.

Tastes and preferences. The window shape that you finally opt for must blend in with personal tastes and preferences. This means that you must never be pressured to go for a design just because it looks good elsewhere.
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